We are excited that you are interested in attending the Influencers DTS here in Penang.

Please see the following steps for how to apply.


Step 1 – Complete Your Application

To complete the form online, you will need to set aside time to fill in the following sections:

  • Personal & Contact Details
  • Emergency Contact & Church Details
  • Education, Work & Language Experience
  • Christian Life & Background
  • Finances & Health Information
  • Photo Upload
Application - DTS

Application - DTS

Personal Details

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Name, Age, Gender

Contact Details

Present Address Details

Permanent Address Details (If Different)


If you do not think you will have enough time to complete the online form in one go, you can use the button to the right to download a PDF version of this form and either email that to us, or use it save your answers to copy & paste into this form later on.

DTS Application Form

Step 2 – Get Your References Sent In

Once submitted, you will need to use the buttons below to download the reference forms for your Pastor / Spritual Leader and a friend who knows you well. Please email these to them or give them a hard copy to complete for us.

Pastor’s Reference Form
Friend’s Reference Form

And that’s it – you’re finished

Enquiry - DTS