We have many staff working in a variety of ministry areas.
Click below for a snap shot of three areas of our ministry:

Kawan Centre

Most people don’t think much about bathrooms, soap & water, finding a meal, a safe place to sleep until they are faced with doing without them, then nothing else matters. We started a centre, Kawan, to address the needs of the street-based community and are connected to other homeless ministries nearby.

Hope for Migrants

There are hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from all over Asia coming and going throughout the various work sectors, all around the country, every year, as one in every four workers in Malaysia is a migrant. We have ministries reaching out to a variety of nationalities and have published two books about the plights faced by workers and refugees.

Guest House

For many years our Shalom House was a place for guests and friends of YWAM needing a clean, affordable, as well as peaceful, ‘getaway location’ to stay at in Penang. We have been blessed by many who stayed with us and we hope to continue to offer a place of rest. This will no longer be Shalom House, but another building in Tanjung Bungah in which we hope to continue to offer the same clean and affordable surrounding. This does mean that we won’t be able to host you until the end of February. More information about our new guest house will be uploaded soon. Thank you for your patience.

Other ministry opportunities include:


Our campus ministry has a burden to see college students engaged at a time in their life when they can be most open to learning new things. This includes encouraging the local Christian fellowship there, engaging students with basketball or performances, and even teaching a Korean language class.


One of the ways that we can minister to people in Penang is by teaching English. This can be a great way to build relationships with migrant workers and Malaysians alike, both adults and children, and can really help connect with some of those that society has forgotten about the most.


There are many women and transvestites that have become victims of the sex industry in our downtown area. Although many of these sex workers would like to find another way to make a living, many cannot. We have a heart to reach out to the streets and build relationships with these precious people that Jesus loves.

And see our outreach and links pages for other
ministries we are connected in work with.