There are hundreds of thousands of foreign workers going throughout the various work sectors, all around the country, every year.
Who is concerned about their quality of life? Who looks out for these men and women?

Hope for Migrants

Disappointed by Hope

Migrants have become an essential part of the country’s economic growth & productivity and Malaysia is a country of refuge for tribes and nations from all over the world. However, he reality of life in Malaysia leaves many migrants and refugees disappointed by the hopes they had of a better life.

Malaysia’s laws, policies, and practices create an environment of vulnerability for both these groups in different ways. Unlike Malaysians, they are at a legal, social, and political disadvantage. Migrant workers are vulnerable to exploitation and cheating. Refugees are not given legal status and are often arrested, detained in poor conditions, punished through imprisonment and whipping, and then deported.

Featuring photographs of migrants and refugees with stories that underscore their plight, Disappointed by Hope: Migrants and Refugees in Search of a Better Country is a call to compassion and action so that migrants and refugees are better protected from violence, abuse, and injustice.

Hope in Action

Disappointed by Hope struck a chord with readers, and compelled many to action. Among other efforts, readers responded by bringing medical aid to detention centres, launching and supporting a school whose primary student base are refugee children, petitioning the government and moving others to pray.

Hope in Action provides new stories to help readers imagine the realities migrants and refugees experience as they come to Malaysia. It is our hope that the stories, the reflections and the research compiled in this publication will refresh in us all compassion for those in desperate situations and an urgency to act and advocate for those in need.

We continue to hold to the belief that prayer is the starting point for us to effectively and actively engage these critical issues, in order to bring societal change in a way that benefits all of Malaysia. Prayer, as a conversation with God — listening, asking, believing, responding — is transformational. The great testimony of people of faith throughout history has been that God uses them dynamically, even surprisingly, in his work of ongoing redemption.

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We are convinced that the greatest legacy any of us will leave on earth is to be part of the work that God is doing to bring transformation into the lives of others, turning despair into hope, darkness into light and sorrow into laughter.
– Disappointed By Hope
“In the Book of Job [24:12], there’s a haunting verse that reads, ‘The groans of the dying rise from the city, and the souls of the wounded cry out for help….’ Hope in Action is about those groans, those cries, and the obligation that God lays upon us all to reach out to the hurting in our midst.”
Dennis Ignatius, Former High Commissioner to Canada
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