Visiting Penang

We are very excited about what God is doing here in the nation of Malaysia as God is drawing the local people to Himself more and more every day! We are also excited that you are considering coming to work with our various ministries and contacts throughout Penang. We have many opportunities for you and your team to serve here in Penang, whether it is with a local church or with ministries that are available here.

Ministry opportunities


Most people don’t think much about bathrooms, soap & water, finding a meal, a safe place to sleep until they are faced with doing without them, then nothing else matters. We started a centre, Kawan, to address the needs of the street-based community and are connected to other homeless ministries nearby.


Here in Penang you will find people working from all over Asia, as one in every four workers in Malaysia is a migrant. We can connect you with ministries reaching out to a variety of nationalities, including Nepalese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian, and others, to feed into fellowships, do visitations and more.


There are many women and transvestites that have become victims of the sex industry in our downtown area. Although many of these sex workers would like to find another way to make a living, many cannot. We have a heart to reach out to the streets and build relationships with these precious people that Jesus loves.


If you have a burden to see college students engaged at a time in their life when they can be most open to learning new things, you could be a part of our campus ministry. This can include encouraging the local Christian fellowship there, engaging students with basketball or performances, or, if you know how to, help out in teaching a Korean language class.


One of the ways that you can minister to people in Penang is by teaching English. This can be a great way to build relationships with migrant workers and Malaysians alike, both adults and children, and can really help connect with some of those that society has forgotten about the most. You don’t necessarily need an English Teaching qualification, although it helps.


If your team has a passion for sports, you can use this as a way to build friendships. This could be joining a local climbing club for your stay, taking part in basketball with college students, learning about the local favourite school sport of Floorball, or maybe even helping run a sports camp for a week. You can just talk with other runner you encounter while out jogging.


There are many opportunities to engage with underprivileged communities around Penang, through soup kitchens, tuition clubs for kids, visitations and more. There are also opportunities to help teach in local education environments, set up to enable access to learning for children who might otherwise not have any.


If you are interested in helping in the provision of care for those who are less able to do so for themselves, then we can connect you with homes and care services that do just that. This can include helping out with live in care for the elderly, up to accompanying the chaplaincy team at the Penang Adventist Hospital.


If your team is trained to use media, has some skits or performances to use, or has a passion for the arts then we can do what we can to find opportunities for you to use your skills and passions whilst you are here. This might include working alongside a Media or Arts focussed ministry or using your skills within other ministries.


We are connected with multiple churches around Penang, some of which our staff attend themselves and others we have ministry connections to or just a good friendship with. Many churches would be happy and blessed to have a team come to help out with Sunday services and kids programmes.


Here you can see all the religions of Asia in one place. Your team would have the chance to walk the streets of Penang, call for heaven to come, and see people from God’s perspective as you pray. You can be a part of our regular worship & intercession times as a base, and can take part in the activities of Penang House of Prayer.


If your team is coming for a month or longer and you would like to see more of the country, then we can connect you with ministries doing similar works on the other side of the island, in mainland Penang, further into Peninsular Malaysia, or even in East Malaysia. But do keep travel time and costs in mind.
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Length of Stay

As a guideline, we usually ask that a team stay in a location for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to be most effective on outreach. Relationships are key to reaching the local people, and many pastors & ministry leaders report that the best thing for a team is to stay longer in a location.

Remember to expect a couple of days of orientation at the start of your time here, and some time for debrief at the end of your stay.


*Subject to current exchange rate at time of visit

We have an 8-seater van (which with luggage can fit about 5-6 people) that we can use to pick up your team. Costs vary depending on where you are arriving:
– from Penang International Airport, RM60 (US$15*);
– from Sungai Nibong Bus Station, RM50 (US$13*);
– from George Town Ferry Terminal, RM40 (US$10*).
If your team is bigger than this then we will likely have to hire a taxi van, and so the cost will change as well. Please let us know your itinerary as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

Our housing is RM25 (US$6.50*) a day per person. We have two downtown housing locations connected to our ministry work in George Town and very close to some of the other ministries we are connected with in the area. We also have two dedicated housing facilities a half hour’s drive away, near to where many of the staff live, and by the beach, in Tanjung Bungah.

As a base we don’t provide any meals, but we will have some cooking equipment available for your team to use. Therefore, teams should budget RM20-25 (US$5-7*) or more a day per person to cover groceries or for dining out at local stalls / restaurants, many of which are very economically priced.

You will most likely use public transport to go to & from ministry locations within Penang that are not within walking distance. The cost can be from RM 2–4 (US$0.50-1.00*) each direction of travel. Many ministry locations are closer to the George Town residences, so your use of public transport would be lesser from there.
In the event that the YWAM van is not in use and there is a suitable driver available, you may use the van for RM25 (USD$6.50*) per half day plus petrol.

There is a RM200 (around $50*) per team admin fee which goes towards any phone calls, faxes, emails, copies or other expenses that are incurred during your team’s set-up & stay.
(This payment can be made after your arrival.)

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Get Involved

“YWAM Penang hosts outreach teams from around the world eager to have their minds expanded and preconceptions challenged as they watch God remove spiritual blindfolds from people’s eyes. We have many opportunities for you and your team to care, connect, serve, and build here in Penang, whether it is with some of the ongoing projects and programs here, or a local church.”

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